Who We Are

Frankie, Lesley and Ian together are the brains, heart and hands of Business Enterprise Services, the trading name of CoacheStuff Pty Ltd,  which provides commercial services to businesses, not-for-profit organisations, Government agencies and individuals.

We work collaboratively on large projects through Business Enterprise Services as well as operating our own businesses.  We meet demand for our services and build the team by working in partnership with colleagues such as Jane Grosvenor.  Located in Hobart, Tasmania, we travel and work worldwide, with partners and preferred providers overseas and in Australia.

Our team have skills across many business and education areas including:

  • business planning
  • workforce strategies
  • business soft skill development
  • specialist consultancy services
  • technology support
  • research and resource development

We all have founded and run our own businesses and have ‘runs on the board’ with successfully initiating and managing projects at a local, national and international scale. As well as our private sector expertise, we have worked in the public sector in Australia, and the U.K. Some team members have worked in the not for profit community sector. We’re a diverse lot!

We hold postgraduate and vocational education and training qualifications (VET), in areas as diverse as Adult and Vocational Education, Management, Applied Computing, Occupational Health and Safety, Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Training and Assessment.

We are a mix of Tasmanian born and overseas born (UK and Asia) and have experience in providing coaching, mentoring and advisory services both face to face and using online technologies. We enjoy and are skilled at working in different cultures – it’s a small world, in our view.


Meet the Team


Ian founded Digital Coaching and Consultancy (DCC) a business that offers consulting and business enterprise services to small and medium businesses across the world. The company was established in response to continued requests from businesses who identified that there was ever increasing confusion about what, when, where, how and why to deploy and effectively use digital strategies, tactics, techniques and technologies to achieve business outcomes.

Ian Whitehouse is an experienced business person, technologist and educator who’s focus is on helping individuals and small business owners to understand and effectively incorporate opportunities into their business.

Ian Whitehouse

Mobile: +61 421 102 393

Email: ian@businessenterpriseservices.com

Skype: colesbay1

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Frankie Forsyth, Hobart

Scottish by birth and Australian by adoption Frankie is a lifelong learner who likes to share her knowledge and foster others’ success. She has successfully operated both Frankie Forsyth Consulting Pty Ltd and Pelion Consulting Pty Ltd, a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO), for over two decades, has interests in other businesses, and tertiary qualifications in business management, education and training.  A skilled online and f2f facilitator who will happily explain ‘geeky’ concepts in plain English, Frankie loves to work with other  businesses owners who wish to implement solutions tailored to their needs and designed to reach their goals.

Frankie Forsyth, HobartFrankie Forsyth

Mobile: +61 419 513 255

Email: frankie@businessenterpriseservices.com

Skype: frankieforsyth

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Lesley likes connecting, motivating and guiding people through her company Work & People Pty Ltd to grow and further develop their knowledge, skills and attitude. She finds her ability to switch from big picture thinking to the detailed analysis of business operations is incredibly useful. A wide range of life and work experiences has seen Lesley work with early school leavers, senior managers, prisoners, older retrenchees, people with disabilities and migrants and an ‘outside the box’ approach broadens people’s view of their business and work options and, as a result, their possible futures.

Lesley Hazelwood

Mobile: +61 408 171 871

Email: lesley@businessenterpriseservices.com

Skype: lesleyhazelwood

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Jane runs Grosvenor Consultants, a consultancy dedicated to growing people, creating careers and building new connections that bring together like-minded individuals and organisations to create opportunities for people from all walks of life interested in growth and further development. Grosvenor Consultants write grants for schools, businesses and community organisations, plan and deliver workshops, seminars and education tourism packages, and coordinate events to spread information throughout the broader community. Jane, through her business and community activities, has mentored and coached people, young and older, for many years at various life stages and through the various business challenges.

Jane Grosvenor

Mobile: +61 400 261 634

Email: creatingcareers@me.com

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Our History


Our professional paths interwove over many years and we worked together and separately on projects in the Business, Vocational and Education, Tourism and online sectors. While our individual backgrounds are diverse, we are all experienced business owners and educators committed to sharing our knowledge and skills with others.

Our international experience includes working in Australia, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, India and Singapore. With this mix of diversity, shared experiences and highly complementary skills it made sense for us to join forces and so the idea of working together in a more structured way took shape in 2013.

CoacheStuff Pty Ltd, was founded in 2014 by, Frankie Forsyth (Frankie Forsyth Consulting Pty Ltd), Ian Whitehouse (Digital Coaching Consultancy Pty Ltd) and Lesley Hazelwood (Work & People Pty Ltd), as a vehicle for us to work collaboratively on large projects.  It worked! For example, we successfully tendered for and then delivered services to Tasmanian businesses through the Enterprise Centres Tasmania network for three and half years.

In 2017 we reviewed our business model and the trading name, Business Enterprise Services was launched. We expanded the ‘team’ when Jane Grosvenor joined us, and a wide range of commercial services were made available through other providers.

What’s next?  We are always interested to work with others on projects large and small so get in touch if you’d like to run your current need by the team, use our listed services or work collaboratively with us on a project.