What We Do

Business Enterprise Services provides coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to business owners, Government bodies and not- for-profit organisations in Australia and overseas. We can assist with Projects of all types and size – through all phases from initial scoping through to project evaluation. We provide one to one, group sessions and customised services to suit your needs.

Our team of consultants have Australian, domestic and international experience and can assist you to achieve your goals. Being business owners ourselves, with experience in all sectors, our services are re practical in focus and aim to achieve the results you need in a timely way. We’ve helped over 1,000 businesses in the last 5-10 years – a real privilege and an achievement in which we take some pride.



Our services are available to all organisations, medium to small business owners, employees and individuals. We’re available to provide services to a range of industry areas:

  • agriculture and aquaculture
  • education
  • high-tech manufacturing
  • local government
  • retail
  • tourism


We have worked with clients to develop websites, create business plans, improve business systems and understand compliance requirements. Examples include writing funding applications, developing employee processes and review of marketing strategies.

Success has been achieved by working with the business owners either collaboratively or under contract to ‘do it for them’.

Contact us to access one or more of our specialist team members based upon their availability, experience and expertise.
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