How We Help

As your small business solutions partner, Business Enterprise Services can help you solve that worrying issue or work with you to meet your whole of business need.

With over 50+ years of combined business experience there’s not much we haven’t seen, done, heard, confronted and found solutions for.  We can assist you to work out what you want to achieve and how to achieve that. We listen well, have great ideas, love to share and are up to date with current thinking.

During the planning process we’ll work out the best options together and, before any work is done, we’ll develop and agree a simple project brief with clear goals, steps, responsibilities and costings so you know the process and timelines. Consulting, coaching, mentoring or training, one to one or in small groups, face to face or online, you tell us your preference and we will supply the service in the way you’d like it.

We understand that business owners are self-sufficient, capable and able to turn their hands to most things and we know that sometimes it helps to have an independent person to call on to work through an issue. Often there’s not enough time in the day to do ‘something yourself or you don’t have the specific expertise but you need someone reliable to get the job done fast. That’s when Business Enterprise Services can help

For example…

We assist people to explore a business idea.

People often have great ideas for a new product or service. If you have, should you:

  • go ahead with it yourself
  • look for a partner
  • seek an investor
  • sell the idea to an existing company
  • stick to your day job?

Regardless of your answer, we’d be happy to chat with you to provide some feedback based on our experience. We’ll ask some questions to find out how far your thinking has gone and how much research you have done.  We’ll check if your idea is already being offered and if it’s not we’ll work through your options with you, point you to relevant resources and, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll assist you to work through the best structures for starting your new business. As entrepreneurs, we’d love to explore your business idea with you.

We assist successful business owners that need a cash injection for growth to decide their financial strategy.

If you need a cash injection, should you:

  • crowdfund the expansion or new product
  • organise a meeting with your Bank
  • talk with an Angel Investor
  • cash in your Super
  • cosy up to your rich relatives?

While this sounds like a simple decision, the choice you make has long term implications for you and your business.  Planning your business growth means taking a good look at your current position, having a clear picture of what you want to achieve and being aware of the pros and cons of the ways to achieve that cash injection. We’ll chat with you about your current position, help you to clarify your goals and then work through the best option(s) to access the cash you need. Before you make your decision, let us assist you to plan your business growth.

We assist people wanting to exit their businesses because they are dreaming of going fishing/ time with family / travel /garden or just sitting in the sun/shade.

If you are at the stage of life where you’d like to ‘move on’ from your business, should you:

  • sell up everything and move to…
  • hand over the reins to your family
  • downsize operations and only work a few days a week
  • scale up and employ a manager to give you more time
  • buy more Lottery tickets?

Letting go of your ‘baby’ or life’s work isn’t easy. Sometimes family just aren’t ready or interested in taking over the reins. Finding a buyer can be tricky and setting a price that’s realistic may be more emotionally charged than you planned. We’ll assist you to step back from the complexity, review the possible options and come up with solutions to achieve your preferred outcome. Seek our independent and empathetic eye over your exit plans.

Need something else? Book in to have a chat with one of the team.