Whatever your worker education, development or training requirement – call on our team to deliver the service or product you want. Whether you are a small business owner needing to know which of your team has skills you can build on to support your new technology or an industry association requiring a complete training strategy for upgrading current workers to meet future robotic developments, you can use our free initial 30 mins of consultation time to discuss your need and get a quote.

We have experience in a range of projects of different types and size – including several Greenfield projects – and the capability to assist through all project phases from initial scoping through to project evaluation. Our team members are skilled in product development, for example we have developed a computer program training manual from only the written computer specifications and an RFD solution for Australian locations isolated by distance.

Perhaps you need Policy and Procedures developed? Or an e-learning program for your widely dispersed team members? Or the final meeting to establish a new strategic direction facilitated? These are examples of the type of smaller projects Business Enterprise Services has the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake confidently for your organisation.

We will work collaboratively with business owners or with your staff to produce the required result or if you prefer, we will complete the work for you at a pre-arranged cost.

Need something else? Book in to have a chat with one of the team.